Feeling Blue!!


It doesn’t take a lot to confirm that weather affects your mood, and in Sweden we witness more dark days than the bright ones.


Things has been a little gloomy when you wake up in the morning and see no light.


So it is time to take your vitamin D regularly and hope for the best.


But what else can you do in these days to have a bit of fun?!


Oh baby, I got some tips for you:

Lunch with Kajsa at LOCALS

1- Take a hike and see all the colored leaves. I actually moved to new place so looking forward to explorer the area around us.


2- Fika and more Fika. Yes Swedes love to have a lot of coffee breaks (fika) but in these days cafes feels more warm and cozy than the rest of the year. 


3- Mysa time. It means cozy up weather alone or with friends. Light some candles and enjoy a drink or two.


4- Time to go to the museum. Last year I spent a lot of rainy days at different museums. Still there is the ABBA museum which I wish to see this year.


5- Get fit in the gym. More Swedes turn to escape the dark mornings and days by heading to the gym. It is natural to invest some quality time in oneself. Running outside makes no sense so the gym is an ideal place anytime. 

Today I’m heading to the gym after work, I will have an early dinner then cozying up in front of TV or maybe I will curl up with a book. 


Have a great day y’all! Puss Puss 

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