Good afternoon babes! How are you? 

May is here! It is already 5th of May! 


May is my favorite month, not only because I’m born in it but also because I love number 5 which is the most dynamic and energetic of all the single-digit numbers. 

Number 5 reflects those who are independent in mind and soul.

I can say I’m an adventurer and a risk-taker who has a hard time staying in one place or in one job. Yes I love change, still I’m loyal till you break my trust in you. 


Having a late lunch under the sun and counting 20 days from today till my birthday ♥  

Still working hard but I will end the day with some training then I hope I can a nice dinner with and get some sleep. 


Get out and shine under the sun! Kisses and hugs XOXO

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Lovisa Sanyang


Svar: Thank you sweetheart. Mwah <3
Jasmine Elnadeem

Evelina Östlund

Riktigt fina bilder. Körsbärsblomningen är något av det vackraste jag vet.

Svar: Tack pretty one. Cherry trees are my favorite in stockholm. Puss Puss 😘🌸😘
Jasmine Elnadeem