Midsommar - like a Swede!

Midsummer, also known as the summer solstice. Scientifically, that means that Earth's northern pole was as tilted toward the sun as it's going to be all year. 

Sweden  marks today with big celebrations, and for the first time I'm heading to the north of sweden to celebrate the Swedish "Midsommar" and to soak up the sun in the countryside, alongside the lake.

I might learn how to dance like a frog lolllll and of course getting exceptionally drunk is something of a Midsummer classic :D

But for now I will enjoy the train trip and soon I'm surrounded with friends and dogs to celebrate the sun. XOXO

Evelina Östlund

Vilken sommrig och fin look. Får jag dela denna på It Girls startsida? ★

Svar: Tack snälla du. Absloutly you can 👌🏽💞😍😘
Jasmine Elnadeem