Back From Malmö


Good morning, OMG I feel like a human once again. I came back from my first trip in 2017.

I was in Malmö spending quality time with my friends that I’ve missed! And it was just an amazing trip! 

This year I decided to put myself first. It sounds like a cliché but oh damn it, I always forget me. Work is important, friends are important but not more important than me.

Also I decided to BE HAPPY and try to stop worrying about stuff I can’t control anyway.

Above all of that travel more to see new places I haven't visited before.

Malmö is Scandinavia’s most diverse city. Over 40% of its residents have immigrant backgrounds and over 25% of its residents were born in another country. 

Soon I will write about my trip to Copenhagen too, but first time to work work work!!

Puss Puss! XOXO

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Fin outfit

Svar: Tack så mycket darling <3
Jasmine Elnadeem