The Kenzo x H&M Collection


Good morning darlings, OMG, an hectic week is finally over! I had to work a lot but it has been fun – It’s time where I stay home and back to my bed :) 


In mean time, look at that Bomber Jacket, oh yeah one can never have too many outerwear in this frozen land, especially bombers jackets. 

When KENZO launched it’s official collab with H&M! I was so crazy about the crazy colorful fun prints like tiger stripes and floral patterns. 


My favorite piece from the collection is this incredible Jungle Bomber Jacket! I love it’s oversized fit, soft and fuzzy texture, and embroidery on the back! It fits with a dress or just simple jeans.


Tonight me, Mark and other friends are just going to have a chill evening with some bowling and good food :) 

Talk soon! XX

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Since the Christmas and New Year holidays I had a minimum move and ate like a pig all the food and leftovers from noon till night without feeling guilty. 


Now I'm back to hit the gym hardly aiming to balance between my moves and my diet. 

I'm not really into running so I do my cardio in other ways and sometimes 30 min of a cardio can be enough to energize my body then I move to another type of exercise.


Last week I had the chance to try the first Ride + Twerk class at Urban Ride together with Linda and Jacqueline from Enough Dance Crew.


My general health goals is to feel physically and mentally strong and balanced.  

I want to try go back swimming but being a swimmer till the age of 18 makes me hesitate to start again.

In the end I'm happy that I keep moving here and there and sometimes I'm everywhere ;)

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Trip To Copenhagen

I have never been to Denmark before so it was nice to go from Malmö to Copenhagen to stroll a bit, though I’ll definitely hop on two wheels the next time I’m there.

Me and my boyfriend decided to start with visiting the Christiansborg Palace. OMG so impressive, it was extremely wonderful to visit the royal palace. Really very beautiful and luxury palace and the Great Hall is the most imposing room in the palace. This is where you will find the Queen's tapestries.

After that we went to fika with a friend at The Kompa’ 9 coffee bar on Strædet where we had organic coffee, and some typical danish food. Strange combination but really tasty :)

Then we decided to walk more and explorer the city, I really fell in love with the downtown, it feels bigger than Stockholm and much more alive. Hahahaha I want to move there already.

Copenhagen had a very relaxed, welcoming vibe which extended throughout the all aspects of the culture.

A short but very fun trip. But l’m planning for another trip to see more of Copenhagen ♥

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