Positive Vibes


When you dig so hard to get to see your true self, you don't regret harsh decisions in your life. 


I sometimes ask myself if I'm happy? Am I feeling fulfilled? 

But then I just remember what motivates me and connect me to myself. I do many things can makes me feel happy like dancing on my own, biking, hiking, playing with my cats or going to the gym.



My therapist has been advising me to think of what makes me happy or motivates my in those moments when it is hard to keep going on. 

Don't forget not to take a quick decision, instead take a deep breath and exhale. Think of something in your life that makes you feel alive, happy and energized.


I also sometimes make a list in my journal of things that spark my joy and make me extremely creative. 

Wishing Y'all an inspiring day! /J

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