Lunchar med mig själv ★


This isn’t my look of today, but from the other week!


The other day, someone said to me that there was no way she could eat like me. I don’t know what she meant really but I have a very flexible dieting and I’m happy with it.

Anyway, today I’m out to lunch with myself :)

Yes alone does not mean lonely and those who love to live alone knows that. My companion for the day was that cute fat bird.


During busy days I love sitting at the table with my food and my work in a trance, not bothered with having to make conversation with someone.

I actually have been eating by myself for years. I enjoy it. I would eat and blog or catch up online with a friend or even enjoy myself doing nothing. 

Lunch outside is also a way of getting away from the hustle and bustle of the office. 


There's no shame in a table for one, so if you haven’t tried that yet, I encourage you to give it a try, bond with your thoughts, your dreams, you ambitions, over a good meal. 


Cheers babes, J

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