Good morning babes! This is how I feel under the Egyptian sun.

I couldn’t sleep so peacefully. Drivers here use their horn constantly and often honk just to greet each. Lolllll I kept counting the many car horns!!

I can’t explain how much I was longing to see the sun. Some places here have magical views, beautiful sunset and nice food.
Time to go have some coffee & oriental breakfast :)

Kisses XOXO

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Dressing for cold, oh tell me about it. I think that dressing for the dark days should not be depressing.

At this time of year especially in Sweden, great layering is the key. Finding a good coat is a big investment.

When it comes to winter outfits and as many have been asking me, yes I like mixing up sassy faux fur or army jackets with midi skirt or a jeans.


But soon I'm back home, I'm flying to  Egypt! With a full memory card in my camera and a great love for sunny days. Oh Ma Gosh my skin miss vitamin D and I need some tan too.

Stay tuned for more here! I'm soon gonna pack my suitcase for the no rest days, haha. I so looking forward for them! Talk soon, 

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OHH Guess what? Crazy days ha? 

Winter came early to town and I couldn't resist to enjoy this white winterland. 

It was so peaceful walking out in the snow and quite magical, you will want to stop every 5 minutes and take photos!!


Snow doesn’t mean cold all the time according to swedish people. Actually many of them wait for the snow to cozy up and snuggle. 

One factor to have in mind is the wind, when is windy then is extremely cold, but when is not windy (even if it is snowy) is not that bad!



These days the air is so fresh so I usually wake up full of energy. Though all I want to do is walk around in fluffy sweaters and jackets, have hot chocolate and coffee and sit down on some nice pillows and blankets.

I'm in great mood knowing that soon I'm going home where is the sun. It will really be nice to wake up with some sun and nice weather. Long time, I’ve missed it! 

But for now I will try to enjoy this season!


Talk later babes, kisses and love <3

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