They say that I have strong sense of self and that I have good ideas but also I do definitely have that dirty laugh. Hahahaha

For me being smart means not accepting the unacceptable situations. A smart woman is someone who can stand up for her rights and the rights of others.

I express my views and I'm not afraid to share them. YES, I SAY THEM .. I WRITE THEM & I TWEET THEM !!

I learnt that saying yes when i want to say no comes at a cost, it will burn me out and I will not please others.

Always keeping a cool head because being assertive does not mean that I am selfish. 

I lost people for not accepting me as I am, and I felt anxious and sad but there is no shame to putting my own needs first. 


MODETTEITGIRLS - Stockholm - beauty - fashion - lovelife - snowwhite - spring - street style - sunny

Älskar detta inlägg, så himla bra inställning! Jättefin outfit också. :)

Svar: Tack Lili ❤️ so nice of you darling. Summer outfit celebrating the sunny days hahaha 😎☀️ Puss Puss
Jasmine Elnadeem


Så fin

Svar: Tack darling 🙏🏽☺️
Jasmine Elnadeem