I've gotten used to be one of the early birds. I do get up early even without setting my alarm on.

Yes I'm one of those maniacs who check my phone, Instagram and Twitter first thing in the morning.

I like working out in the morning but sometimes I do it later in the afternoon depend on my work schedule. I'm obsessed with making playlists to fit the rights vibes of my moves.  

From 9.00 to 16:00 it is all about WORK, WORK, WORK. I love working with those who have good ideas and can speak up their minds. 

I listen to music when I’m working as I’m able to work fairly well among ordinary distractions. 

I blog usually early in the morning or late in the night but that doesn't mean that I'm not blogging all the time using different social media platforms. To be honest when I’ve got something to say, I write. LOlllll! 

I like to eat an early dinner around 18.00 and you will win my heart if you cook for me or get me some sushi. I have no restraints and I save calories where I can by drinking juices and eating light but I splurge when I really want something.

If I go to meet friends, I do get ready fast that I'm sometimes the first one ready of my friends. 

My question to you: what you do on a daily basis? Do you have a routine and when do you feel more productive?! And when do you usually blog? 


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I love your jacket! Where is it from? :)

Svar: Hey you, I got it from Urban Outfitters Biblioteksgatan 5 ☺️👌🏽
Jasmine Elnadeem