Första Maj


May is my favourite month! Probably because my birthday is in May, Hahaha :) 

There are people who believe they were born lucky. And some who believe they were not. I don’t consider myself as a very lucky person, but May is the optimum month to be born and I always feel lucky in May.

I will be 32 years old on the 25th of this month and I’m gonna spend my birthday at the airport flying home to my sunny Egypt. OHH YEAH!!

Yesterday, It was my first time to join the May Day demonstration in Stockholm, and it is quite amazing. 

I come from Egypt where I’m used to see the police firing tear gas and arresting dozens to break up the protests. But yesterday the show was different as the celebration is an important cultural experience for most of Swedish people.

For me it looked so pretty like a parade. People gathered at Medborgarplatsen and then everyone walked from there to Kungsträdgården by way of Slussen. (You can see more photos from the demonstration on my WEBSITE)

I also stayed under the sun eating some good food and ice-cream. So this month started just right!


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