I'll Call You Mine


I will never say never to a trend. I have some favourite colours like block, purple, pink and royal blue but I can't see myself in the same colour or style cage all the time because I love my freedom.  

Im a very moody person and my style changes according to my mood. One day I'm very feminine and the other day I'm very boyish. Hahahaha ;)

I’ve worn this dress a lot this summer – totally in love with it. Soon it is Midsummer’s celebration in Sweden! It’s a tradition to hang out by the water. I have never been in Sweden during the celebration, but my friend is gonna take me out to celebrate my first Mid-Summer. Oh Yaaaay!! XOXO

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Älskar klänningen ^_^

Svar: Awww tack så mycket 🙏🏽😍💕
Jasmine Elnadeem