Good morning babes! My vacation and flight mood are on :)


How to have a blissful summer holiday? The answer is simple: plan to enjoy whatever summer brings you wether beach, villa, mountains or even those relaxing moments of breaks under the sun.

It was so nice to wake up in my best-friend's house in Amman, go for a morning walk and have breakfast in front of the pool. I think I can live here for a while. Hahaha I know that my best friend won’t mind me living with him.

I slept without Internet or notifications for the first time in a very long time then wake up to 33C in Amman. OMG I’m in heaven!

I have been to Amman before for a business trip but it feels good to be back here. It is so hot up here hahaha and that feels good. 


These days all I'm doing is stop trying to be perfect. I'm gonna only enjoy the sensation of my body relaxing.

I'm learning how to manage my inner critic thoughts which can stop me sometimes from achieving my goals or enjoying my life. 

I realized with the help of my therapist that sometimes I tend to say sabotaging things to myself while I always encourage others. 

I'm trying to talk to myself as if I was encouraging my dear friends.


Now I will jump in the pool like a kid and allow the sun to kiss my body :)


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