Bonjour to you all, I just wanted to check in and wish you a lovely Sunday! 

OMG I’m super happy and relaxed these days. My boyfriend is out of town and my girls came to sleep over. So it was all about movie nights, drinking tea, eating popcorn, and lying on the couch.

Yes I felt in a moment that I would rather sit at home and do nothing than go out in something uncomfortable. But last week I found some comfy clothes which actually turned to be so stylish and not expensive.

My outfit came from ZARA for 175 SEK and they are just as comfortable as pajamas, but a thousand times more appropriate to wear in public.

I have been hanging around with my friends since yesterday, though I left her asleep and went for a new hair cut, but we met later for lunch. We had some yummy Italian food made with love and then we headed to meet more friends. 

Awwww Hope you guys had a a nice night, lots of love to you! J

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