My Xmas Gift - DIONE EARRINGS by Caroline Svedbom

Hey babes! I started my day with breakfast in bed. My boyfriend made rice pudding (porridge) so we ate and had a cozy time. 

Later today we will have a friend coming to eat dinner with us. My boyfriend will cook a turkey and other food for us. I will take photos, so keep following my Instagram Story!! 


WE HAVE LOTS OF FOOD & SWEETS! It actually feels pretty nice. 

I wanted to check in here and wish you all a cozy day where you get to spend time with your beloved ones.


Now I count down the days, for my real coming holiday. The destination isn't Maldives though I always dreamed about it. It is more going to the loved ones who we miss a lot. 

I will start by visiting my friend and his dog in the north. I take with me the lazy attitude which comes with age Lolllllll!! <3 Lots of kisses, hugs and love!

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