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This year I decided not to write a resolution for the new year. Whether the past was a good one or bad, I don't want it to hold me back.

I'm gonna let my past be a stepping stones to my next success – not an anchor in which I think I have to stay. It’s time to get over the past, no matter how good or bad, and start focusing on the future.

My past helps me to relate and connect to more people what will helps me to make decisions today that will dictate my future!


In 2016 I had the chance to enjoy life and travel around, meet old and new friends and reconnect with my inner peace.

I kiss 2016 a goodbye kiss and hopefully 2017 will bring me the best possible outcome.

Positive thinking was a huge part of my success during 2016. I created a positive thought that I wanted to become real in my life and worked hard to bring it to my life.

I did dare dare to dream big. Think big and not let negative people discourage me.

You know that the great achievers have a habit of seeing things. They work on their dreams to achieve them. They speak about their dreams to many people because the moment they continually say them, the moment they begin to believe them more and more.

My tip to myself and to you is not to stop dreaming, work hard on your dreams and when you have reached your goals, make sure to enjoy that success as much as you can. Be positive ★


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Relax and De-Stress


Taking the train and heading to the north of Sweden. The silence, the nature, the space and fresh air makes this holiday a unique one!

I needed to relax, forget about the rest of the world, my problems and emotional moments. I’m happy to finally be far away.


Although my friend couldn’t guarantee 100% that I will see the Northern Lights but yesterday we stayed so late till we got to see them. OMG so pretty indeed.

I wish I can live here where I can just relax, go for long walks and watch the nature.

Oh I’m still easily impressed by the beauty out here. Puss XOXO

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My Xmas Gift - DIONE EARRINGS by Caroline Svedbom

Hey babes! I started my day with breakfast in bed. My boyfriend made rice pudding (porridge) so we ate and had a cozy time. 

Later today we will have a friend coming to eat dinner with us. My boyfriend will cook a turkey and other food for us. I will take photos, so keep following my Instagram Story!! 


WE HAVE LOTS OF FOOD & SWEETS! It actually feels pretty nice. 

I wanted to check in here and wish you all a cozy day where you get to spend time with your beloved ones.


Now I count down the days, for my real coming holiday. The destination isn't Maldives though I always dreamed about it. It is more going to the loved ones who we miss a lot. 

I will start by visiting my friend and his dog in the north. I take with me the lazy attitude which comes with age Lolllllll!! <3 Lots of kisses, hugs and love!

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