Yasuragi - LUGN & RO

It is not my birthday yet but I decided to escape the rainy Stockholm yesterday and treat myself and my boyfriend with a nice spa at Yasuragi.
OMG I didn't think that the place is so nice till I saw it and then I was blown away. I didn't even know that Stockholm has such a fine gem.
Imagine the rainy weather, and the cold temperate then imagine yourself swimming in a hot pool looking at the forest and the Baltic Sea.
I had a massage, we used the sauna, the steam room, had an amazing Japanese dinner, then I went for a body scrub and face massage. Believe me I slept like a baby and felt so much energized.

Now I feel totally rested and tomorrow morning I am ready for my last week at the Fashionablefit Bootcamp.

I’m sure that soon I will be longing for a night of “PEACE & QUIET” like that :)

Next week I'm going for another trip and I'm already looking forward to fly and spend some quilts time.


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Så mysigt

Svar: Absolut. Mycket mysigt 🙏🏽💆🏻
Jasmine Elnadeem