Spring is here in Stockholm, and it is a sunny Friday. It was so nice to see the first snow drops appearing and continues until the brilliantly yellow raps fields bloom in May. 

In this time of the year the swedish nature wakes up and the whole city starts to look like an amazing bouquet of flower! 


My cats are happy to see the sun shining, the days getting longer and longer and the birds are singing very early in the morning.

Regardless of my pollen allergy, whether it’s wet and cold or sunny and warm, spring and its vibrant colors are so welcome after the long dark nights of winter.

Soon the swedish strawberry season and Midsommer celebration will be here to enjoy more sunny days and get the dreamy tan :) 

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Tora (

Så härliga bilder!

Svar: Tack så mycket söta flickan :)
Jasmine Elnadeem