I love Babel Deli, one of my fav places in Stockholm to have lunch and it feels like home. Since I discovered this spot, I’ve found it hard not to smile thinking about having some good food there.

Believe me, when you come from a country like Egypt you will feel hungry for this kinda of food so often. 

I like my own mixed meze with falafel, bulgur, hummus, stuffed vine leaves, chilli cheese, avocado, baba ganoush and tabolleh salad.

So if you live in Stockholm, or just visiting try to visit Babel Deli where you can have a proper lunch and a taste of the Middle Eastern cuisine.

Hugs, have a great day <3  

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Ser jättegott ut :D

Svar: Oh yeah YUM YUM indeed :D
Jasmine Elnadeem


åh vad gott!

Svar: Absolut 😋
Jasmine Elnadeem