Being labeled as a "free spirit" person isn't a new thing. YES I’m kinda of this label.

I have been independent for long and I know how to do things because I want to do them. Still I can’t function when I feel restricted. I don’t like when people, whether beloved ones or friends, or even coworker insist on me following certain rules to fit.

Hahahaha I hardly seek routine and that’s why I love waking up every morning, knowing that this day will be vastly different from the last.

I like seeking ways to expand my mind, enjoy working with creative people because that inspires me a lot. I always want to be a better person in this missed up world.

In the end I can tell you I live my life without selling my soul to the devil. I had lots of good and bad experiences. I don’t just love. I love unconditionally, but I don’t mind if people drift away.

What about you? How would you describe yourself?!

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