Because my imperfection is perfect !!

We live in an age where the pressures of needing to have it all figured out is creating higher levels of stress. What makes us truly happier or Fulfilled ?! Is being defined by the society rank, job title or by being who we really are and what we desire to pray? 

 I'm a perfectionist but I LOVE my imperfection.


We all were born as pure perfection but we took us and what we have for Granted simply Because they exist.  

I see girls much younger and more beautiful than me but They tend to declare a war and hate their body and try desperately to fix it.

Living with the illusion of perfection is of little relevance. The pressure we face push us to compete to reach to the perfect and ideal shape in everything though what makes us human beings is the imperfection of taking chances.


Falling and failing is what makes our existence is so perfect. 

So look to yourself today in the mirror and embrace your imperfection.


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Great post

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vilka fina bilder! och bra text :)

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