Dream Big ☆

You know everything begins in the heart and mind, and every great achievement began with a dream.

Life can be harsh. It can be cruel and ugly. Yet no matter how much we grieve over our harsh environment and circumstances, nothing will change until we change it ourselves.

What is important is not to be defeated, to forge ahead bravely. To dare to dream and dream big. Think big and don’t let negative people discourage you.

Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world
♡ Dream big ♡

Great achievers have a habit of seeing things. They work on their dreams to achieve them. They speak about their dreams to many people because the moment they continually say them, the moment they begin to believe them more and more.

In the end of the process, and after you work hard on your dreams. Don’t forget when you have reached your goals and you are living your dreams, to make sure to enjoy that.

In fact, you can even give yourself a huge reward when you get there. Be gracious and generous. Share your happiness with your loved ones and encourage them to dream big like you.

Then go back to dream again but this time dream a little bigger!


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This post is in memory of my best-friend who passed away at a young age.  

When I'm down, I don't leave my room for days, I don't eat, sleep or stop thinking. Being overwhelmed with much emotions makes me down, so down that I can barely move my limbs, get out of bed or even smile at my loved ones. 

And when I'm happy I'm like a manic, I love life, people and I'm open for crazy ideas .

I dreamt to be with someone who knows how to hold me, speak softly in my ears and say "IT IS GONNA BE OK, BABE".

Being surrounded with those who can't help you or make you feel down all the time, it can be really hard. 

Last time I broke down, a darling friend took my hand and tucked me into bed and I just felt as safe as a baby.  

Today I'm far away from my darlings, sometimes I feel shaky, anxious and I panic. Panic attacks makes my anxiety have an incredible effect on my ability to control my emotions. 

During my anxiety I empty my bladder frequently, I get numbness in my arm, I get nightmares, I feel on the edge, when anyone snaps at me I keep thinking non stop about that, my decisions are indecisive, I'm afraid of the crowd and being left alone at same time, my body/muscles are tense and in pain, I'm easily frightened.

I don't know what I'm doing and though thinking of my problems for hours, I don't think they are resolved. To me, the world is just a big scary place. Basically I feel losing control. I'm afraid of what waiting me for me in the future.  

Anxiety can destroy your confidence in yourself!!!!!!

I'm no a superwoman. I'm still trying to stand out strong. Next month I'm gonna be 32 years old, so I'm a survivor.

In the end it is no shame to feel unwell or to recognize that you are hurt or disappointed or depressed. 

Being depressed doesn't define me, it allows me to see my human emotions which I'm proud and ashamed of them.



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We've all been there waiting for this moment when you get home after a long day to stay in your comfortable outfit and collapse on your bed checking some Instagram photos.

When you move from a hot country to a cold one like Sweden, you need to be extra positive in your thoughts. 

Don't expose yourself to the rain, wind until you freeze like hell even during spring.

Think about all the wonderful things you are going to do when you get back indoors. Like: light candles, take a warm bath, drink hot chocolate, read a good novel, bake or cook something delicious, get under the down-covers with your little cats, etc. 

My Fluffy BOY & GIRL >> Antonio & Ophelia

Swedish people survive the cold days doing lots of Mysa. Today I'm staying indoors front of my tv cuddling with my fluffy cats. 


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